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Since 1991, Tony Baker and maww international have helped hundreds of clients to grow their companies and to export around the world. Here is what a few of our clients have to say about us:

This is what one of our great clients said after we helped them deal with an EU REACH problem:

Awesome help Tony!
Thank you for your hard work on this and the great coaching.
I'm certain we'll be working together again, in the near and distant future.
Really appreciate the great service!

Thomas Carney
Operations Manager
GelaSkins Inc.

I've known Tony Baker since 1995 and have the highest regard for his knowledge, talent, dedication and energy. We are both directors of the British Canadian Chamber of Trade where Tony had been volunteering long before we met. Tony continues to be a highly valued member of the Board.

Tony is a seasoned professional with the utmost integrity.

If you are looking for international marketing expertise, then you should not hesitate to contact Tony Baker.

David Kingsland
The Newland Group

Over a six-month period, Tony Baker has worked to help us develop a clearer view of the essentials of our business and then worked with us in a coaching and mentoring capacity to develop our marketing goals and plans.

He has been very effective in helping us see clearly some alternative strategies and to define our company’s core competencies and market positioning.

I do not hesitate to recommend Mr. Tony Baker to your organization to work with you to help you develop your marketing strategies and business growth.

Dharam J. Singh
Ajeet Industries Inc.

Many thanks for the wealth of information that you gave us. There is no question that the service you provide is invaluable to businesses such as ours to develop opportunities south of the border and elsewhere.

Harald Holmes
Marketing Manager
PTI Packaging Technologies Inc.

Tony Baker was introduced to us by the Business Development Bank of Canada and has worked with us over a period of six months to help us plan the expansion of our US operations.

Tony prepared a list of topics which needed to be considered before we could proceed and then worked through these with us, refining them in the process. He then produced brief reports showing the critical areas for a successful expansion, including location for our office, incorporation and taxation considerations, communication between the Canadian and US offices, and the management of sales staff based in the U.S.

In the second half of the assignment, Tony carried out detailed research on U.S. incorporation and business registration, taxation, office locations and proximity to highways and airports, plus the likely availability and wage levels of staff.

Throughout, Tony was very professional in his approach and used his wide and extensive experience and knowledge to help us in our decisions. He was able to pinpoint key strategies for moving into the new area and how to focus on them. He has directly assisted us in formulating a realistic and structured approach to this project.

We are very pleased with the services that Tony Baker has provided and are happy to recommend him to other companies considering moving into foreign markets.

Patrick Zeng
Vice President
YesUp ECommerce Solutions Inc.

I am writing to you to express how positive an experience it has been working with Tony Baker.

Tony has been a strong asset in helping us review our existing business practices as the first step to developing an export strategy. We are now further developing the strategy with his assistance,

His considerable experience in International Business Development has made him a key member of our team. Acting as an excellent facilitator for discussion, Tony has helped us make key decisions and strategies to shape our International Business Plan. We hope to continue working closely with him until our plans are complete.

I would be very happy to provide a recommendation, reference or testimonial to Tony's abilities.


Wayne McCutcheon, Partner
ENTRO Communications

Tony was able to positively reaffirm for me many of the strategies we are now employing and more importantly, Tony offered some very helpful advice, tips and tactics which we can employ to help grow our business.

Congratulations and thanks to Tony for the excellent service.

Randy Flewelling
President & CEO
RoaDor Industries Ltd

Just a note to say that the enthusiastic, and consistent service provided by Tony Baker is very much appreciated.

He obviously has considerable experience in the international business arena. He has provided several suggestions that have been very helpful.

Right now we are slowly laying the groundwork for our future export program so Tony's assistance has been very much appreciated.

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to an associate looking for some direction in the export field.

Bruce F. Smith
Salient Design & Exhibits

Thank you very much for your kindness, when we visited Toronto. Your speech "Services for International Trading" was very helpful in showing us the many possibilities of doing business with Canada.

People in your country are very friendly. Toronto is a happy and safe place to live. And the Canadians love tropical fruit!

We are working hard here to reach the goal: live and do business in Canada. Together with my friends of the Dinamo Group we believe we will succeed on it. It is a matter of time and work.

Flavio Pinto
Bonafrux Agricola Ltda.

Your presentation was well received by the audience, as evidenced by the feedback obtained in the evaluation forms.

In casual conversation, many of the participants said they appreciated the time you spent after the seminar to address their inquiries.  Your thoughtful and informative presentation provided participants with a thorough understanding of exporting as a tool for business growth and development.  Your experience and knowledge added a practical element that participants appreciated.  Thank you very much for helping make the seminar a success.

Michael J. Disano
Coordinator – Small Business, Film & Conferences
Town of Richmond Hill

This is to thank you most sincerely for facilitating the International Market Research Module of the FITT Program. I passed this module with distinction (97%) and your comments and ideas contributed to this success.

Centennial College

Tony has made a number of suggestions to improve our export capabilities. In particular, his guidance in the development of our export business plan has proven to be invaluable in the marketing of our products and services into the United States.

I will be happy to recommend his services to other businesses or to act as a reference for new clients.

Ken Emerson
Dunedain Multimedia Inc

Your enthusiasm and facilitation skills have helped to make this year's Small Business Week an overwhelming success. The responses to your workshop were excellent.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Susan Sommers,
Business Coach
YMCA Markham Business Centre

The reason we have chosen this method of learning is because we gain so very much from your experience in the field and from your insight into the real working world of international business.

Kathleen Keating
Centennial College

Thanks for the valuable information that you provided to me at our meeting on August 19. This will be helpful to Clearview as a starting point in establishing our export plan.

Tom Marsala
General Manager
Clearview Industries Ltd.

You gave me very useful and valuable advice which will help me a lot to startup my business. There were many things to learn about starting a business and you have made it easy for me.  I have started my research on the lines you gave me. I will keep in touch with you for further your advice. Once again thanks a lot.

Best regards

Saeed Rehman

We all benefited from your expertise in the area of International Trade.   We appreciate your continued support to our organization.

Sumi Prabaharan
YMCA Business Centre

Tony Baker has been of great assistance to Azure magazine in obtaining PEMD funding.

Mr. Baker advised us and worked with us to develop a successful application. We look forward to calling on him for further assistance in other areas of exporting knowledge as we develop our United States market.

Mr. Baker is easy to work with and very professional in his approach. I would be happy to recommend his services to other companies who are considering exporting.

Sergio Sgaramella
Azure Publishing Inc.

This letter is to thank you for your assistance and support in preparing the above mentioned PEMD application. I am sure that your knowledge and insight helped us to prepare the application in a way that would ensure a positive response from the Trade Commissioner.

We received our contract on January 15th and have already completed our first trade show in New York. I am certain that the financial assistance offered under this program will enable us to pursue this new target market in a way that we could not have done without it.

I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Teresa Ritter
Engineering Harmonics Inc

I very much enjoyed your teaching and will always consider you a great, respectful and experienced instructor.

Besanton Le-Prince
Student at Centennial College

Thank you for the information on the B1 Visa and NAFTA certificate of origin.

I would like to mention at this time that you are very pleasant and easy to work with and that I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues. Thank you especially for the guidance and resources that you directed me to when I was outlining Devlin's international marketing plan.


Kiran Singh
Devlin eBusiness Architects

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