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maww international is committed to building strong ongoing relationships with our clients while we help them to achieve their strategic and financial objectives and then grow from small/medium businesses all the way to multinational corporations if that is their goal. We are committed to giving our clients one hundred percent satisfaction and will work with you until you are satisfied with our service.

We can help you with your strategic and marketing plans, product introduction, profit maximization, market research, international business development, mergers and acquisitions, human resource counselling, and succession and exit plans.

The following comments are from one of our valued clients:

I am writing to you to express how positive an experience it has been working with Tony Baker.

Tony has been a strong asset in helping us review our existing business practices as the first step to developing an export strategy. We are now further developing the strategy with his assistance,

His considerable experience has made him a key member of our team. Acting as an excellent facilitator for discussion, Tony has helped us make key decisions and strategies to shape our International Business Plan. We hope to continue working closely with him until our plans are complete.


Wayne McCutcheon, Partner
ENTRO Communications

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For practical help in the global market please:
call +1 416 500 7287
or call toll-free (in North America):
1.855.222.6299 (MAWW)
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PARTNERING&ALLIANCES. One of the best and most proven ways of growing a business is through alliances, formal or informal, with other businesses in the same value chain or with complementary functions. Partner companies may be in your own country or foreign firms. To learn more, please click here.

PRICING STRATEGIES. Setting prices is one of the most difficult decisions a business has to take. Price levels should result from a deliberate process during the development of your marketing strategy; they should not just be set in reaction to the moves of other market players. To see our pricing checklist, please click here.

RESEARCH PLANNING. When and how should you research your markets? We would love to discuss this complex subject with you. For a few tips to be going on with, please click here.

INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGIES. Nearly all our clients report that internet leads and sales are increasingly important to their business growth. Your internet marketing strategy, which is more than just your web site, deserves very careful consideration. For a few tips on international internet marketing, please click here.