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The following are some of the projects undertaken by Tony Baker and maww international:

Assisting a manufacturing company in obtaining the CE mark for their food industry equipment when entering the European market. (Ref. 29)

Advising a small engineering company on setting a growth strategy for its business in Ontario and across Canada. Included helping the company to define its core competencies and market positioning. (Ref. 28)

Providing research and advisory services to an internet-based advertising agency to help it expand its operations across the United States and establish an office and corporate presence there. Included researching office locations, incorporation and taxation plus the recruitment and management of US-based staff. (Ref. 27)

Providing UK market research for a manufacturer of special materials for the automotive industry on potential customers in the UK.   As a result, new sales were secured to a British auto-parts manufacturer. (Ref. 26)

Advisory services to a manufacturer of food processing industry equipment about to enter the European market.  Services included advice on market entry strategies, government assistance availability and product assessment for European CE mark approval. (Ref. 25)

Advising a firm of consulting engineers on obtaining contracts from government and international financial institutions for work in developing countries.  Applying for and obtaining federal government financial assistance for visiting Russia to find suitable alliance partners.  (As a result, the client formed an alliance with a firm of Russian architects and obtained several contracts). (Ref. 24)

Providing a range of services to a manufacturer of a new medical imaging device, including developing a global marketing strategy; arranging for regulatory testing for the US and European markets; identifying and negotiating after sales support services in Europe, advising on setting up an export office for exports to U.S.A., Japan and Europe. (Ref. 23)

Strategic and market entry consulting to an automation controls company entering the nearby states of the U.S.A.  Accessing government programs including a trade mission and financial assistance with marketing.  Subsequently, providing strategic advice when they were later considering a co-manufacturing relationship with a company in South Korea. (Ref. 22)

Providing a range of services connected with opening a subsidiary of a Toronto-area multimedia company in the United States, including: strategic planning; market and competitive research; and obtaining advice on regulations and taxation in alternative U.S. jurisdictions. (Ref. 21)

A Toronto-based software company had developed web-based software for the dynamic allocation of worldwide computing resources of clients.  Advising them on global marketing strategies and on obtaining government assistance for marketing the software. (Ref. 20)

Developing a model franchise agreement for a UK food processing company with a new production technology who wished to market on a “technology franchise” basis.  Researching North American food industry groups and identifying several potential targets, resulting in the negotiation of a master franchise agreement. (Ref. 19)

Designing and executing a large market research survey of potential American purchasers of a UK-designed machine for mass production of a major component of cellular phones.  This resulted in suggested modifications to the design of the machine and, later, the sale of machines in the U.S. market. (Ref. 18)

Researching the Ontario health care equipment market and advising a Northern Ireland manufacturer of medical equipment on how to enter market; arranging a visit to the market by the company’s Managing and Marketing directors including visits to contacts and prospects within the market; mentoring a manager appointed from Northern Ireland to set up an office and commence marketing. (Ref. 17)

Researching the North American Market for precision electro-mechanical components, then seeking and finding an American company whose complementary products and market position make it a good target for acquisition.  Included preparation of full reports on the market and the target company. (Ref. 16)

Advising a UK franchiser with a unique product and service for the repair of frost-damaged roads.  Researched potential franchisees in Canada and northern American states, directed marketing materials to them, leading to negotiation of franchise agreements. (Ref. 15)

Providing a range of services to a software company, including researching their market in Europe; advice on marketing strategies; researching locations for their European headquarters; meeting European value-added re-sellers; working with the client and resellers to establish an office in the Netherlands; and exhibiting in trade shows in the UK and Europe. (Ref. 14)

Advising a rapidly-growing Scottish multi-media group on strategies for entering the American market; identifying a number of small publicly-traded American companies as possible acquisition targets; monitoring their stock market value against performance to enable the client company to bid at an appropriate low price v. high value opportunity. (Ref. 13)

Researching the Canadian market for school furniture and identifying Canadian agents for a UK-based manufacturer; interviewing and selecting agents for specific regions of Canada; and setting up agency agreements. (Ref. 12)

Providing a range of services to a UK company specializing in software for television stations, now wishing to enter the American market.  Services included: market entry strategy, market research, researching trade shows to exhibit in, arranging trade show presence, negotiating with value added resellers and developing licence agreements. (Ref. 11)

Alliance search and set-up services for a UK electronics manufacturer with innovative products based on newly-developed technology.  Services included: researching the North American market for competitors; identifying and interviewing potential partner companies; advising on pricing, promotion and marketing strategy, and organizing the client’s presence at trade shows. (Ref. 10)

Organizing a series of industry-specific trade missions to North America for a UK regional development agency.  Industries served were environmental engineering, precision engineering, ICT and software.  Provided the agency’s clients with a range of services including market research, introduction to potential customers and alliance partners, marketing consulting, and advice on regulatory and taxation issues in the target jurisdictions. (Ref. 9)

Market and marketing research for a consortium of engineering and construction companies seeking public-private development contracts with airport authorities in the UK and Europe. (Ref. 8)

Providing services to a large IT company with a product designed in the UK which they now wished to introduce to the North American market.  Work involved converting the ‘soft’ aspect of the product, including software, manuals and promotional materials, to North American format and usages. (Ref. 7)

Providing project management and a range of advisory services to a UK IT consulting company establishing subsidiary offices in Massachusetts and California. (Ref. 6)

Advising a well-known furniture manufacturer on strategy for entering the UK and northern European markets; exhibiting a selection of products at a trade show; arranging an initial shipment to a large retailer; then arranging letters of credit and export documents. (Ref. 5)

Setting up a help desk for sales, installation, consulting and technical support for an IT company selling software and systems to automotive dealerships across North America; interviewing and employing staff; and visiting sites across North America to supervise installation and training. (Ref.4 )

Researching UK automotive dealerships and their suppliers for a US consulting company and software supplier.  Negotiating a master franchise for the provision of sales training and customer relationship management software for automobile dealerships. (Ref. 3)

Advising the Canadian subsidiary of a UK telecom system integrator company on entering the North American market; visiting locations in the U.S.; identifying potential partner companies to provide sales, installation and support; training and mentoring each partner company during the start-up phase. (Ref. 2)

Setting up a help desk for sales, installation and technical support
in Toronto for a company selling equipment to hospitals across the United States and Canada.  Interviewing and employing staff in Canada and visiting sites across North America to supervise installation and training. (Ref. 1)

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