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  • Does your company have a product or service that cries out to be sold to consumers or businesses around the world?
  • Do you want to find business opportunities and improve your sales performance outside your domestic market?
  • Have you tried to export but it didn't work out?
  • Did it take you too long to get results in foreign markets?

With our partners in five continents and their links to governments around the world, we can provide an integrated solution to your domestic and foreign marketing needs. 

We can help you:

  • Choose the appropriate market entry strategy for your target market
  • Help you find appropriate in-country strategic partners, agents or distributors
  • Perform due diligence on potential foreign investments or acquisitions
  • Understand the cultural, legal, tax, and accounting implications of doing business in the target market.

If your company needs help in developing your global growth strategy, we are here to provide that practical help.

The following was carried out for a Scottish multi-media group as they planned to enter the American market ....

We advised the company's management on strategies for entering the American market; identified a number of small publicly-traded American companies as possible acquisition targets; then monitored their stock market values against performance to enable the client company to bid at an appropriate low price v. high value opportunity.

... and the following was for a Canadian automation controls company entering the U.S. market and later entering a strategic relationship with a partner in South Korea:

In this case, we helped the client access Canadian government programs including a trade mission and financial assistance with marketing into the United States.  Later, we helped them develop their partnering strategy for a co-manufacturing alliance with a company in South Korea.

To see some more of the many projects we have carried out, please click here.

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Worldwide Markets

Worldwide Markets

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