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Some countries, often centrally located and closer to the main population areas in Europe, have made it their business to attract foreign importers and distributors to set up in their territory, and have developed legal and regulatory systems to simplify importing and distribution.

In addition, there are private sector companies also encouraging this trend, by providing comprehensive assistance with customs clearance, warehousing, picking and packing, invoicing and customer support.

Countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands have set themselves up to help companies located there in the process of importing and distributing goods into the Single Market. Starting with their existing advantages, such as seaports, airports and a central location, they have deliberately added advantages like logistics hubs, legal, accounting and employment advisory services, government services and available labour pools.


They are know technically as Business Services Value Chains (BSVCs), because they provide value added to the products imported and distributed through these chains. They can be key factors in choosing a business location if import and distribution are major parts of your business.

They are aimed at simplifying and facilitating goods imports and taxation.

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If you are in any of the following situations, call us for our ideas:

• Arranging customs brokers and freight forwarding

• Establishing agents/distributors/partners

• Warehousing/order fulfillment

• Managing distribution channels

• Do you need a distribution or fulfilment centre for your European market?

• Strategy and pricing

• Product launch and promotion

• Exhibiting in trade shows

• Managing customer support in the new market

We can help North American companies enter European markets by quarterbacking the entire project for them, including the difficult regulatory and bureaucratic issues. We do this with the help of trusted, trained professionals, who work with us on the ground in the EU.

To learn more, please call Tony Baker at 416-500-7287
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