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maww international helps manufacturers to enter the European market, particularly by assisting them in CE Marking their products.

CE Marking allows a product to be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA).

The EEA includes the 28 countries of the European Union (EU) plus the three countries of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA). CE Marking is also required in some non-EEA countries, such as Turkey.

Free Appraisal.
The best starting point is a free appraisal of your product. This will tell you your product's CE classification and whether the self-assessment approach to CE marking is permitted for this product type.

To tell us about your product and to obtain a free appraisal, click here to send us the information we need.

Free Telephone Consultation.
For a free telephone consultation, please call us at 416-500-7287.

To email your questions to us, please click here.

To learn more about CE Marking, please click here.

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Picture of Tony Baker

Tony Baker, Managing Partner

The following letter is from one of our valued clients:

Over a six-month period, maww international's Tony Baker worked to help us develop a clearer view of the essentials of our business and then worked with us in a coaching and mentoring capacity to develop our marketing goals and plans.

He has been very effective in helping us see clearly some alternative strategies and to define our company’s core competencies and market positioning.

I do not hesitate to recommend Tony Baker to your organization to work with you to help you develop your marketing strategies and business growth.

Dharam J. Singh
Ajeet Industries Inc.

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To contact us, please call: +1 416 500 7287
or call toll-free (in North America):
1.855.222.6299 (MAWW)
or CLICK HERE to reach us by email. 


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PS: maww is pronounced just like 'MORE'
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